Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Never JUST a Cancer Walk

                Rochelle and Lawanda Gear, following in their mother’s footsteps, are pushing for both the knowledge and the utilization of healthier hair care products.   But it’s not just because their mother raised them with the belief in the no chemical approach to hair care; it’s because their mother was diagnosed with Myeloma Cancer, plausibly caused by her exposure to harmful chemicals of popular hair care and styling products. 
                The Gear sisters’ mother began her career in the hair salon industry by use of the back of her house, her clientele being her neighbors.  Although she held was of the belief that the use of products without chemicals was the path to healthy hair care, she could not always convince her customers otherwise.  If her clients requested the use of relaxers regardless, she had them sign a release stating that the possible side effects caused by the powerful chemicals within the relaxer was not an issue the client could put her to blame.  Through the requested use of relaxers and other harmful hair care products, Rochelle and Lawanda Gear’s mother developed Myeloma Cancer and received a bone marrow transfusion in the hospital in the City of Hope, known to have given the largest number (10,000) of successful bone marrow transfusions in the nation.  Two years since her transfusion, their mother is now a survivor in remission at 67 years old.  They walk not only for the cure of cancer, but also to help support the victims, survivors, and their families.  With a disease this strong, one can’t walk without the support of others; we all must walk together to find the cure.  

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