Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good to Know Hair Fact--Hair is NOT all the Same

Contrary to popular belief, children do not have the same type of hair as adults.  While children are in the ages of 1 through 11, their hair is still in formation—proteins are being developed during the growth stage, that creates an altogether different formation of hair that does not last into the child’s older years.  Just as children lose their baby teeth in order to grow their permanent adult teeth, children outgrow their baby hair as well.  However, in order for a baby to grow out their baby hair, parents need to understand that babies need trims too.  Trims allow for the hair to grow faster and healthier, enabling the baby hair to grow out and their new adult hair to emerge.  This fact of trimming children’s hair holds true for all hair types, especially children with curly hair.  Children with curly hair must be careful of the detrimental effect dryness can have on the healthiness of their hair.  If their hair is dry as they are in the process of growing out their baby hair, this can lead to their hair they have as an adult to be unhealthy and dry.  In order to prevent this, parents must help their children keep their hair healthy by trimming their hair and educating them so that this tradition of how to maintain healthy hair can be continued.  

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