Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brazilian Blowout--A Possible Cancer Causing Agent

                The Brazilian Blowout products were made popular since their introduction into the salon industry, but neither the consumers nor the suppliers ever truly scrutinized the chemicals within these products.  Not only does this product contain harmful chemicals like methanol and ethanol, but it also contains formaldehyde—even in the products labeled as formaldehyde free!  What is so harmful about the product containing formaldehyde? The Department of Health and Human Services has categorized this chemical as one that is an anticipated carcinogen, or can potentially cause cancer.  It has been specifically associated with nasopharyngeal cancer and leukemia according to the National Cancer Institute.  Hopefully, if you didn’t know this about the Brazilian Blowout products, you are now alarmed that this was even allowed into the consumer market. 
                Formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable, strong-smelling gas that is found in many glues, building materials, coating products, fungicides, and specific preservatives; it is even found in cigarette smoke—we are all well informed of the toxicity of this substance through recent government regulations.  In low levels, it can cause burning and watering of the eyes; yet, as the levels of formaldehyde increase, it can lead to individuals having difficulties in breathing, through coughing, and burning of the nose and throat.  As it enters the blood-stream (which it has the capability of doing if you apply products with formaldehyde in it anywhere on your skin), it can have an effect similar to that which alcohol has, including vomiting and diarrhea.  If you have used any type of Brazilian Blowout product, you are most likely at risk for cancer because you’ve applied toxic levels of carcinogens—a range between 8.85% and 10.6% compared to the accepted safe level of 0.2%—onto your scalp in order to obtain that smooth, silky hair you’ve always wanted. 
                Currently, the U.S. Government has not made any substantial public warnings for this product to consumers, although the FDA has announced it will monitor the product.  However, the Canadian Government’s healthy agency has warned stylists and consumers not to utilize any type of Brazilian Blowout associated products.  For your safety, The Healthy Hair Bar also highly suggests you stay away from any types of products associated with the Brazilian Blowout, as your healthiness is our priority.  We invite you to join us in the cancer walk this coming November 6th, not only to support those who have had cancer and/or survived cancer, but those who may have cancer in the future either from this specific product or for other reasons.  We must remember that each step we take in this walk takes us closer and closer to the cure for cancer.   

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