Thursday, December 29, 2011


Many of us do not understand the importance of scalp exfoliation. While some of us may truly suffer from psoriasis or eczema; others of us, may simply believe we have dandruff or other dermatological issues and spend lots of money on visits to the dermatologist.  It is imperative to exfoliate your scalp every 4 to 6 weeks in order for your scalp to stay healthy.  This promotes circulation and a rejuvenation of the skin, removing the built up layer of dead skin cells clogging your hair follicles.  Due to various chemically oriented hair services, many of us don’t realize the detrimental affect chemicals have on our scalps: irritation of the scalp causes the skin to harden, hindering the ability of your new hair to push through this unhealthy layer of skin.  No matter whether you believe you need to exfoliate your scalp or not, it is a necessary act to follow regularly.  The Healthy Hair Bar provides healthy scalp facials through the use of an organic anti-aging scalp renew, from the makers of Nioxin, which has proven through clientele results over the past five years to work exceptionally.  The two main ingredients are willow bark and alpha and beta hydroxyl acid, both of which help remove the thick build-up of dead skin.  Specifically, willow bark loosens the dead skin; and alpha and beta hydroxyl acid together dissolve the excessive oils and build-up.  Come on in to the store in Claremont (260 W. Bonita Avenue) for a scalp facial—your scalp will thank you!   Remember to love your hair!