Friday, January 27, 2012

Hair For Thought--Embracing Your Natural Hair

     We, at The Healthy Hair Bar, believe that understanding and embracing your natural hair texture is crucial to the beautiful, confident look you're searching for.  As trends change, our tastes change, and we want to be able to maximize our ability to diversify our looks without having to battle the texture of hair we may believe cannot be tamed.  Currently, the trend for hair is a sheer, straight and flat look--a style not easy to come by for the majority of people in the world, as 90% of individuals have dominantly curly hair.  However, what we at the Healthy Hair Bar would like you to know is that your hair texture doesn't matter!  If you have curly hair, you can get that relaxed look without damaging your scalp through the use of expensive and dangerous chemical processes; our organic products will lead to the same outcome, without the harmful additives.  Our goal is to help educate you about your hair texture, enabling you to love and care for your unique hair protein make-up.  To support us, you can find us (and like us) on facebook or at  If you are ever nearby, come by the salon Claremont on Bonita Avenue for information on your hair worth a lifetime!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Many of us do not understand the importance of scalp exfoliation. While some of us may truly suffer from psoriasis or eczema; others of us, may simply believe we have dandruff or other dermatological issues and spend lots of money on visits to the dermatologist.  It is imperative to exfoliate your scalp every 4 to 6 weeks in order for your scalp to stay healthy.  This promotes circulation and a rejuvenation of the skin, removing the built up layer of dead skin cells clogging your hair follicles.  Due to various chemically oriented hair services, many of us don’t realize the detrimental affect chemicals have on our scalps: irritation of the scalp causes the skin to harden, hindering the ability of your new hair to push through this unhealthy layer of skin.  No matter whether you believe you need to exfoliate your scalp or not, it is a necessary act to follow regularly.  The Healthy Hair Bar provides healthy scalp facials through the use of an organic anti-aging scalp renew, from the makers of Nioxin, which has proven through clientele results over the past five years to work exceptionally.  The two main ingredients are willow bark and alpha and beta hydroxyl acid, both of which help remove the thick build-up of dead skin.  Specifically, willow bark loosens the dead skin; and alpha and beta hydroxyl acid together dissolve the excessive oils and build-up.  Come on in to the store in Claremont (260 W. Bonita Avenue) for a scalp facial—your scalp will thank you!   Remember to love your hair!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hair for Thought: Winter Means Split Ends--But Not Anymore!

Winter is brutal for your hair.  The colder temperatures, especially in areas where your hair is exposed to freezing or close to freezing temperatures, allow for your hair to easily lose the moisture it may normally be able to keep within the shaft.  Moreover, the ends are particularly vulnerable to dryness due to the fact that is it more difficult for your oil glands in your scalp to secrete enough oil so that it falls down the entire shaft of your hair.  It clearly becomes increasingly challenging for your hair to naturally moisturize itself as your hair length grows in length.  Hence, it is an important hair maintenance procedure to use serums and/or oils to nourish the ends of your hair, just as it is important to moisturize your skin to keep it healthy.  In order to help you find a non-chemically oriented, organic manner with which to moisturize your hair this winter and keep it healthy, the Healthy Hair Bar as a wonderful oil called Hair Serum that can be bought online at or in our store for $19.99.  The serum should last for about 2 to 3 months, as the oil can be added to your scalp and ends of your hair to see amazing improvement the issues of dryness you may be experiencing.  Keep your hair healthy through the season that causes the most damage this year and look amazing all year round! 
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brazilian Blowout--A Possible Cancer Causing Agent

                The Brazilian Blowout products were made popular since their introduction into the salon industry, but neither the consumers nor the suppliers ever truly scrutinized the chemicals within these products.  Not only does this product contain harmful chemicals like methanol and ethanol, but it also contains formaldehyde—even in the products labeled as formaldehyde free!  What is so harmful about the product containing formaldehyde? The Department of Health and Human Services has categorized this chemical as one that is an anticipated carcinogen, or can potentially cause cancer.  It has been specifically associated with nasopharyngeal cancer and leukemia according to the National Cancer Institute.  Hopefully, if you didn’t know this about the Brazilian Blowout products, you are now alarmed that this was even allowed into the consumer market. 
                Formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable, strong-smelling gas that is found in many glues, building materials, coating products, fungicides, and specific preservatives; it is even found in cigarette smoke—we are all well informed of the toxicity of this substance through recent government regulations.  In low levels, it can cause burning and watering of the eyes; yet, as the levels of formaldehyde increase, it can lead to individuals having difficulties in breathing, through coughing, and burning of the nose and throat.  As it enters the blood-stream (which it has the capability of doing if you apply products with formaldehyde in it anywhere on your skin), it can have an effect similar to that which alcohol has, including vomiting and diarrhea.  If you have used any type of Brazilian Blowout product, you are most likely at risk for cancer because you’ve applied toxic levels of carcinogens—a range between 8.85% and 10.6% compared to the accepted safe level of 0.2%—onto your scalp in order to obtain that smooth, silky hair you’ve always wanted. 
                Currently, the U.S. Government has not made any substantial public warnings for this product to consumers, although the FDA has announced it will monitor the product.  However, the Canadian Government’s healthy agency has warned stylists and consumers not to utilize any type of Brazilian Blowout associated products.  For your safety, The Healthy Hair Bar also highly suggests you stay away from any types of products associated with the Brazilian Blowout, as your healthiness is our priority.  We invite you to join us in the cancer walk this coming November 6th, not only to support those who have had cancer and/or survived cancer, but those who may have cancer in the future either from this specific product or for other reasons.  We must remember that each step we take in this walk takes us closer and closer to the cure for cancer.   

Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Never JUST a Cancer Walk

                Rochelle and Lawanda Gear, following in their mother’s footsteps, are pushing for both the knowledge and the utilization of healthier hair care products.   But it’s not just because their mother raised them with the belief in the no chemical approach to hair care; it’s because their mother was diagnosed with Myeloma Cancer, plausibly caused by her exposure to harmful chemicals of popular hair care and styling products. 
                The Gear sisters’ mother began her career in the hair salon industry by use of the back of her house, her clientele being her neighbors.  Although she held was of the belief that the use of products without chemicals was the path to healthy hair care, she could not always convince her customers otherwise.  If her clients requested the use of relaxers regardless, she had them sign a release stating that the possible side effects caused by the powerful chemicals within the relaxer was not an issue the client could put her to blame.  Through the requested use of relaxers and other harmful hair care products, Rochelle and Lawanda Gear’s mother developed Myeloma Cancer and received a bone marrow transfusion in the hospital in the City of Hope, known to have given the largest number (10,000) of successful bone marrow transfusions in the nation.  Two years since her transfusion, their mother is now a survivor in remission at 67 years old.  They walk not only for the cure of cancer, but also to help support the victims, survivors, and their families.  With a disease this strong, one can’t walk without the support of others; we all must walk together to find the cure.  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good to Know Hair Fact--Hair is NOT all the Same

Contrary to popular belief, children do not have the same type of hair as adults.  While children are in the ages of 1 through 11, their hair is still in formation—proteins are being developed during the growth stage, that creates an altogether different formation of hair that does not last into the child’s older years.  Just as children lose their baby teeth in order to grow their permanent adult teeth, children outgrow their baby hair as well.  However, in order for a baby to grow out their baby hair, parents need to understand that babies need trims too.  Trims allow for the hair to grow faster and healthier, enabling the baby hair to grow out and their new adult hair to emerge.  This fact of trimming children’s hair holds true for all hair types, especially children with curly hair.  Children with curly hair must be careful of the detrimental effect dryness can have on the healthiness of their hair.  If their hair is dry as they are in the process of growing out their baby hair, this can lead to their hair they have as an adult to be unhealthy and dry.  In order to prevent this, parents must help their children keep their hair healthy by trimming their hair and educating them so that this tradition of how to maintain healthy hair can be continued.  

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hair for Thought -- A New Generation of Hair

               With the assimilation of cultures throughout the world, each individual’s phenotypes are becoming more and more diverse through each generation.  One of these characteristics that many people don’t realize changes is hair.  When you compare the texture of curly hair from a purely African American, or Latino, for example, to a biracial or multiracial individual’s hair (especially one who is of mixed culture with African American or Latino, etc.), there is a paramount difference, not only in texture, but also in shape and formation.  Due to this difference, innovative maintenance procedures have been created in order to keep this new type of hair healthy. 
                One of the main issues with the newer mixed generations has been the ignorance of the parents in knowing how to deal with this new type of hair.  This multiracial hair needs to be treated differently than the way the parent maintains their own hair—it may look similar, or even the same, as the parents’ hair, but this does not mean that the actual composition of each strand is the same.  For example, many cultures have the tradition of washing their hair—shampooing, conditioning, or both—daily, which is unnecessary for an active individual with curly hair.  The recommended amount of times a week to wash curly hair is about 5 days a week in order to prevent over-drying of the hair, which can cause snapping, frizziness, and other unwanted issues.  More importantly to know about maintenance of curly hair is the use of specified products, including shampoos, conditioners, and other styling products.  Many of these products indicated as specified for the use by individuals with curly hair have strong chemicals in them that may feel good when you put it in your hair, but when it is washed out, it leaves your hair drier than it was before you used the product. 
                The differentiation between curly hair and straight hair when viewed under the microscope is that there are ridges that can be seen in the cuticle, and when dry, these ridges separate.  The Healthy Hair Bar has products that moisturize down to the cuticle without changing the texture of the actual hair, healing the separated ridges, preventing snapping, tearing, and frizziness.  The Healthy Hair Bar also has classes available in order to help educate and spread the knowledge of how to maintain healthy multiracially textured hair.  Once learning how to keep and style your hair in ways you enjoy that are healthy, we encourage you to embrace the type of hair you have and help you wear it so you can feel comfortably beautiful in your own natural skin.