Thursday, March 31, 2011

Step Into Beautiful Color!

     If you haven't heard of the latest healthy hair trend to walk into the Healthy Hair Bar, then let us show you the way. At the Healthy Hair Bar, we believe in providing our clients with only the best products, hence our new hair color line, Framesi!  Want to cover gray hair? Brighten your look? Add a luster and fresh vibrant Color?, then come into the Healthy Hair Bar and let us help you make a fresh step into  Spring!
     Both, Framesi Futura and Framesi Electric are exceptional additions to the Healthy Hair Bar Family. Both Framesi hair color lines are made with vitamin E and Vegetable Coconut oil which gives added moisture and protects against environmental factors and reduces fading of vibrant color. Framesi Electric is a demi- permanent hair color with no ammonia, PPD and offers 100% grey coverage. Framesi Electric is perfect for anyone who wants to create a natural healthy vibrant glow and spruce their hair color . Now, if you are looking for change and want to use a permanent hair color, than Framesi 2001 Futura is for you! The Framesi Futura line is a unique blend of pure color, low ammonia, less than 2% and true cream base colors. There are sixty-eight shade selections to choose from, so it's an open playing field of beautiful colors. Believe me, all of the colors are divine and the most natural-looking hair color you can try! Come into the Healthy Hair Bar and make an appointment to feel the Framesi difference!

Tip of the Week:
Step into spring and spruce your hair color. Whether it’s a demi-permanent or permanent hair color, let the Healthy Hair Bar give you the extra confidence and feel good Look you deserve. Try Framesi hair color today. Remember, exclusively at the Healthy Hair Bar!