Monday, October 3, 2011

Get to know your hair!

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything you possibly can to feel beautiful in your own hair without success?  Have you regressed to repeatedly using harmful chemicals to keep your hair the way you want it to look because you can’t find a healthy way to keep it looking beautiful?  If you feel in any way dissatisfied with your hair care regimen, either at home or in the salon, (or both) you should first ask yourself if you know anything about the type of hair you have. 
Each of us has different types of hair, and each respective hair type has a different manner in which it needs to be maintained to stay healthy and beautiful.  We can all have the gorgeous hair we dream of; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  And even better, we can achieve this in a natural, organic manner! 
The Healthy Hair Bar wants to help you learn about how to take care of your hair and keep it healthy without burning your scalp with harmful chemicals toxic to your skin.  We have various methods available to help you start growing your own hair out and keeping it healthy.  Our products help heal your scalp from the chemicals it has been exposed to through various shampoos, conditioners, glues, and other toxic chemicals depending on what type of styling regimen you go through with your hair.  Starting at the roots of your hair and healing the skin from where your hair grows, the effects last and leave you feeling like you have a brand new head of hair.  We can even help you grow your hairline back that has withered away from the use of harmful chemicals from toxic products such as relaxers.  Moreover, we have the option of wearing a weave or a wig while your scalp is in the rejuvenating process, allowing your own hair to grow in a healthy manner.  Not only will we provide maintenance services, we will also educate you so that you can know more about your hair and how to take care of it on your own.  The knowledge of your own hair will help you find the right products to wear your own natural hair as beautifully as possible, styled to your liking.  All of us, men and women alike, can be comfortable and confident in our own skin, knowing that we all have naturally beautiful hair.  All you have to do is attain the knowledge and get to know your hair!

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